Construction De Mone

Your aquatic environment should offer a sense of relaxation, pleasure and health. Whether for a pool, spa or fountain, we can advise you both as consultants and builders. We offer shotcrete (gunite) products that are designed to meet your every need.

Each project is unique and we can provide you with our many years of experience as well as the newest technology. With the help of 3D rendering, we can develop the plans, do mechanical analysis and offer structural engineering services in order to ensure the smooth running of your project to your satisfaction. Shotcrete offers an almost infinite possibility of curves, borders, waterfalls and landscaping. Our mechanical analysis provides ergonomic ease of use and we offer safety, performance and confidence.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new website. We wish to thank all our customers who, for more than 25 years,
have made it possible for Construction DeMone to become a trusted leader in the construction of concrete pools.

Construction De Mone

Construction De Mone offers a full and free quote.