Aquatic Consulting

We offer consulting services and will analyze your needs from a variety of different viewpoints. We will consult with you to ensure your satisfaction before, during and especially after the completion of your project.

We will also show you the design of your pool and your mechanical system in 3D images that verge on reality. Therefore, you will be able to see how your project will look even before the actual construction.

Outstanding Pools

Our engineering department and our years of experience will enable us to implement your most complex projects.

Shotcrete offers almost infinite possibilities. Here are some examples of our specialties:

Custom Waterfalls and Fountains

Performance and tremendous look is our main goal. We design masterpieces that will fit to your backyard.

They can be made with stainless steel, concrete or plastic. They can be illuminated or not and you have a wide variety of water effects available.

They can fit in a residential backyard, in a park or in a commercial project has well. We also have LED and fiber optic options available.

We also can provide you custom anti-thief and vandalism proof boxes to protect your investment.

Fiberglass Spas

A cheaper alternative, but with better thermal and sustainability than steel underground pools.

We use our same standards in gunite pools filtration systems, so they are available in commercial and residential grade has well.

We can provide you infinite or wetdeck models. A large variety of colour and textures is available. We can design and build your own custom fiberglass spa too.

Thermal Blankets for Pool and Spa

Our thermal blanket are made of closed cell foam, so it floats, does’nt absorb water, it’s very light and virtualy tear proof.

Generaly, 90% of heat loss are from evaporation and a thermal blanket don’t let your hotwater disappear in the air. We install it to fit your custom pool and spa dimensions on site.

Concrete Pool Maintenance Services

Our maintenance team is available all year long. We cover the greath Montreal region and we are specialized in high end residential pools.

We also offer our services to semi-commercial pools like condos, retirement centers and hotels. Concrete pools only.

Crystal Clear Water

The quality of filtration combined with disinfection processes assure a beneficial and relaxing experience. Several diseases and bacteria can live in chlorinated water and it is important to make sure that these are eliminated.

We also offer the automation of your water treatment, which stabilizes your parameters, simplifies maintenance and allows you to easily manage your pool. An odourless, crystal clear water with no unwanted bacteria. This is the quality and comfort you deserve. We offer proven equipment, manufactured by companies well established in the industry.

Certified Company

Qualified Professionals

Respect of Deadlines